about prayersongs and their performance

I call the sounds and songs which come out of my feather or my throat prayersongs.

Because that is what they are to me.


The creative process is a sacred art to me.

A communion, a prayer.

The path of creating is a very healing and transformative for me.

It is marked through touch, change, depth, expansion, integration. love.


To sing songs and sounds is a sacred act to me, a sacred art and an alchemical procedere.

The songs themselves contain so much more than visible on first sight.

Sacred. Magic. Transformativ. Mystic.


Most of the time, the prayersongs emerge topicwise, and mostly, in quantitiy.

I feel myself as a vessel and also like a gift. (you know .... you see it, you are happy about it but you dont know yet, what the surprise ist ...)

That is how the prayersongs usually emerge, show themselves.


I share the projects, the prayersongs either in a ceremonial performance or a sacred concert or even as a CD.

Always with the wish, the longing, the sacred longing, to fully give myself. To fully open and surrender to the songs.



I have put together an archiv from past ceremonial performances for you to look at and feel yourself into.



Every prayersong has its own wish and path how it brings itself into the word ...




© Romana Asherah 2008-2020

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