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Behind voicewisdom stands Romana Asherah. A traveler of life. an artist.

"music and the voice is my big love and passion. - music and the voice is many things to me: my voice guides me to ever new experiences, frequencies, adventures in the unknown. she is my most reliable guide through various territories and worlds. she calls in, transmits, touches, moves, initiates, guides, manifests, alchemizes. She brings so much joy, love and miracles into my life. She is my teacher, my guide, my helper and i devote my entire passion and love to her. she is my vehicle and my communication skill. music and the voice touches me like no other creative expression. my surrendered life is devoted to co-create music, soundscapes and voice-scapes. and our evolution in love."

She finds her inspirations for her songs and soundscapes through direct gnosis, personal experiences, her connection to nature and journeys, mainly on the inner planes, but also to various places on earth.  she stands in the direct lineage of the sacred singers and her deep work is supported by various spiritual lineages.

She works as a singer, xo-creatrix of songs, chants and soundscapes, co-creatrix of musical journeys, writer, performance-artist and voice-shamaness. her passion and life's devotion is dedicated to the path of love and our evolution in love through musical creations, which facilitate direct experiences and gnosis of the mysteries and consciousness. 

drachenkrafft - the new album
                from asheera
voice-sessions  - the heart of the voice-work
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