vocal  Healing

Such a gift and blessing to all.

It is flowing from moment to moment,

with an open heart and a surrendered state of being.

Honoring the worlds and dimensions, seen and unseen, 

known and unknown.

In trust, surrender,

in humility and great love.

In deep appreciation and innocent exploration.

It is a fine, intuitive and sacred art.

A great gift and blessing.

A profound and deeply loving communication.

I consider myself as a mystical sacred singer,

because I am standing in the direct lineage of the Sacred Singers, and my work is supported by numerous  spiritual lineages.

I love, honor and so appreciate all co-creations that I witness and participate in, through this way of devoting myself to love and songs and our evolution in love. I experience singing for people and for nature as a grand blessing of grace and love !


The effects of applying sound so concsiously and humbly lies in the unspeakable and in the vastness, boundlessness. It is a sacred gift and blessing to receive, sing and share, transmit those songs.


It is with great joy that I offer these two 

                          options of a very personal and alchemical sound-healing  to you.

If you are looking for support on your journey - feel stuck in your life, look and hope for changes. or If you cannot overcome old patterns and feel stuck - then this is for you.

- your 60 minute private sound healing session, in person or via skype

- alternatively, your personal sound healing on CD, as a digital download

I also

       offer gathings 

            throughout the year.

Gatherings are devoted to a certain theme. 

If you resonate in your current life's cycle with the theme of the Gathering, then I welcome you to join us - for a Gathering of Songs and concsious co-creation, a Gathering of joy, alchemy, music and love.





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