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           love  - my first novel
liebes ...

Liebes means Love translated, tells the story of Magdalena. She is very talented, intelligent, highly sensitive, a woman with depth and a very rare gift: she remembers the long forgotten healing power of the voice and of songs.

She has a really low self esteem, due to her dramatic story, is very introverted and insecure. She has gotten stuck in a series of dependencies and struggles to survice, allthough she longs so much to be seen with her unique gift and offering.

Her longing takes her into deep self-inquiries with self sabotaging mechanisms, with victim- and perpetrator roles and the deepening of the mysteries of the voice. Through her soul journey and soul quest, her wishes of the heart come out of the deep, good fortune comes to her. 

Lots of healing stories, journeys to high mountains in Siberia and the island of Hawai'i and her love relationship with her Beloved Simon play central roles which help her to change herself and therefor the outcomes in her life. She rediscovers her love for life and the fulfillment of her deep soul longings.

This story is a homage to Love, Life, being human and the unfolding of our genius.

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